Welcome to Empire Falls - Explore our City

Thank you for choosing to join us here in Empire Falls. Let us tell you a little bit about our city, and how best to explore it.


The year is 1932, the small coastal city of Empire Falls, in the county Arcanum will be where you will spend the next year.


Not much happens here in our idyllic city, save for the recent move of Hollywood glamour couple Christian Marcus and Erika Diehl into the old Willows Estate.


Life here has gotten a little more exciting with the arrival of this celebrity couple.


Now, let's look at how to explore our quaint city.


-As you look over the map of Empire Falls, mouse over the building icons to see the name of the location.


Here we see the News Kiosk, when you click on the icon, you will be taken to that location. At the News Kiosk, you can follow the local news.


-Once at a location, you can further investigate by mousing over doors, signs, etc. by clicking these, you will be taken deeper into the city.


-In order to investigate, you will need to talk to folks, and listen in on gossip,

mousing over some people will reveal a TALK button, click this to talk with that person, or listen in on gossip.


Get to know the city, at first you will only have access to some of the locations, each week, as the case unfolds in real time, more and more of Empire Falls will become available to explore, and more people will have something to say...


We suggest that to help you organize your investigation, you create a file on your desktop, where you can save any clues

you may find helpful.


As you check in each week, you will see the city evolve and change, make sure to keep up with local news at the News Kiosk, take in local films at the Movie Theater. A trip to the Police Station can also be a good lead!


Need help, or have questions? Stop in at the Post Office and send us a letter. We'll always be here to help.


Remember, a year is a long time, so don't forget to be patient, everything will reveal itself in good time...


Ready to explore?


Click the postcard to enter Empire Falls.